Music Row Coach was started for artists and songwriters, where we personally teach you how to succeed in the music business and make a living with your music.

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The Vision


Music is my passion, but mentoring is my purpose.

Where did the idea come from

I want to open up doors that weren't opened for me, and I want to build doors that aren't available now.

Why it gets me excited

If your dreams don't scare you, you're not dreaming big enough. I know what it feels like to achieve a dream and I want to help you achieve yours.

What to expect

You're going to learn things that you need to know and you're going to learn things you didn't know you need to know.

Who is this for?

ARTISTS looking to record and release music, tour, build a loyal fan base, and sign a record deal.

SONGWRITERS looking to write better songs, network, collaborate, get a major cut, and sign a publishing deal.

MUSICIANS looking for artists to perform with, writers to collaborate with, session secrets, and touring advice.

MUSIC INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS wanting to work with songwriters, artists, and musicians.

Your all-access pass to the music industry from anywhere in the world

What would it be worth to be able to reach out to someone who has signed a publishing deal, had major cuts, written a #1 song, had songs on the radio, signed a record deal, and be willing to share everything he's learned along the way to help you succeed in the music business?

You can't write your initials in concrete after it dries.

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